Tuesday, June 9, 2009

OK...we're bad bloggers

So we've learned something on this trip. None of us can keep up with a blog. But I'm sure you'll all be glad to know that we've been too busy to do so. Everyone will hear the great stories when we get back. I thought it'd be important to let you know that we did end up leaving the parking lot of the airport though. We're all doing well, for the most part. Our stomachs are still getting there. The people here are amazing so make sure to ask to see all the pictures from the trip. Between the eight of us, there should be quite a collection. We'll be home soon.
Until then,
Tanzania Team

Monday, June 1, 2009

Greetings from Tanzania

Well 21 hours and 30 macrome bracelets later, we're in Africa. Our flights really weren't that bad, especially the last 9 hour flight. The flight attendant was kind enough to wake us up only for meals. While waking up to "chicken or vegatable curry" may not seem ideal, it definitely beats skippuing meals. Once we got here, our first breaths of Tanzanian Air was everythjing we expected. Warm, balmy, hint of burning, and full of bugs. I dont think anyone could have convinced a single one of us that it wasnt the best smell in the world. The excite4ment of being here is still stuck on all of us.

But anyways, onto the airpoirt. We waited in line for visaa\s for probably almost an hour. We didnt reallyy face any problems there, although we did see a giant beetle. It was at least 2 inches loing and built like a little tank. We stayed only long enough to marvel at its size because we quite honestly didnt want to see if it could fly. Little did we know as we watched it crawl across the small hot room that it would probably get through customs before we did.

We were blessed with ease in getting our visas and double belessed that everything we packed made it here with us. We brought supplies for the orphanage so we were thrilled to see it all. However, customs ehre is different, we had to declare the boxes we packed to officials who technically dont have to let us through without a letter from the govermnent approving the donation. Oddly enough, the government doesnt usually write leter unless large items are involved, like cars. not diapers and crafts. So really they were looking for a bribe. We stayed at customs for at least an hour while Ryan the missionary argued on vbehalf of the his work and our luggage. He came out with a smile saying "the first rule of Tanzania: patience". They figured out we wouldnt pay and they let us go.

We then met another group and piled itno a small bus. It was packed full of sweaty people, but we were ecstatioc to be out of customs.

More to come when we have time!

Blessings, Tanzania Team